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Goji Cream - New anti-wrinkle cream

Goji Cream - a New anti-wrinkle cream

Goji Cream is a cream for the face of the company Hendel's Garden. Its effectiveness is due to a perfect balance between the natural components and innovative good practices in the field of cosmetology. The active component of the cream — juice of goji berries. A drop of fruit extract of wolfberry contains more than twenty amino-acids, vitamins C and E, iron, all the B vitamins and betaine. The product does not contain hormones and is safe. This is confirmed by clinical tests and issued certificates of quality control.

The use of fresh juice and goji berries — how to prevent aging of the skin. Before the appearance of the Goji Cream the berries have been used in the cosmetics only in the dry form. However, this way, they have lost most of its beneficial properties. For example, the high content of vitamin C in the fresh fruit of goji to 500 times more than oranges. This gives the skin maximum power and the filling of its necessary vitamins.

In a period of use of the cream, you will not feel any discomfort, it is well absorbed and does not feel on the skin. By a moistening of the effect is visible after the first application. After restoring proper balance of water, the skin becomes more smooth, disappears from the flaking and red spots, the pores are shrinking. This allows all the active components of the cream is quickly absorbed and begin to work on the epidermis. At the end of a few days, you will notice that the age and the expression wrinkles start to flatten. Such a rapid effect due to the presence of betaine hydrochloride genuinely substance, delaying water and contributes to the regeneration of the cells.

Price Goji Cream on the order of magnitude lower than that of the complex rejuvenation of the funds. You just need a pot of this cream instead of the usual game of three to five products of the cosmetic line anti-aging. Can not forget to visit salons and beauty institutes, health care — just use the cream.

The principle of action Goji Cream

The principle of action of Goji Cream

To achieve this impressive rejuvenating effect Goji Cream of Hendel's Garden allows for a unique composition. Each element plays an important role in the process of recovery and upgrade of the skin. The aging of the epidermis occurs due to the reduction of the production of collagen — the connecting of proteins, which ensures the elasticity of the skin. The loss of moisture and the lack of vitamins promotes the exfoliation, the appearance of red spots and deepening wrinkles. All the major aspects of the aging of the skin).

Goji Cream actively fighting trafficking and all these bad changes related to aging. It is far more effective than a scrub and a massage, in fact, these activities are struggling with the consequences. Goji Cream even acts on the cause of aging.

The amino acids in goji berries maintain that are necessary to the epidermis liquid. Due to what looks like a skin young and fresh. The effect of humidification takes place a day after the application. Betaine and hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of new molecules of collagen and elastin. The two active components protect against the destruction of those useful for the skin substances that our bodies produce yourself.

The mention of the punishment of an antioxidant complex Goji Creamit is used to protect the sails from the negative impact from the outside. Bad environment, air pollution, heavy water, sunburn, it has a negative impact on the appearance of the epidermis. The antioxidants of goji berries eliminated from the body, the "trash" and reducing the amount of free radicals. In fact, it is of free radicals to slow down the process of metabolism and prevent the skin to recover after the pollution of the air or ultraviolet radiation.

The positive effect Goji Cream

The positive effect of Goji Cream

The effect of the application of the cream is visible through the day. Its regular application allows to achieve such results:

Out in the street, you can be sure that the cream will protect you against the damaging effects of the environment. During your stay in the area with a bad environment, or undergoing a constant exposure to the sun, you and your skin will always shine. You have no fear and the stress of its antioxidant effects fight!

Composition Goji Cream

Note that, in Goji Cream does not contain hormones, dyes and preservatives. It is a natural product, the composition of which does not cause concern:

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Our official website you can order Goji Cream (Hendel's Garden) with the delivery. In large cities, delivery is done within a few days. Shipping charges by the post office in other regions takes 7 to 14 days from the receipt of the order. In order to specify the delivery times, leave us your number in the order form — an advisor will call you to clarify all the details.

Only original Goji Cream (Hendel's Garden)

Buy Goji Cream in the original, you can only in our official web site for the implementation of this cream ensures that you'll be able to buy a real Goji Cream. We assume no liability for products purchased on other sites. And we can't guarantee the originality homonymous creams purchased on third party sites. On our website the price of Goji Cream corresponds to the statement — you pay as many times as specified on the site.

Advice of a doctor

The doctor Dermatologist Tomás Tomás
8 years

The doctors of our specialty in Portugal is quite often faced with patients worried about wilting and premature skin. This is due to a environment and a high level of stress, characteristic of the rhythm of life of modern man. For a look that's young and in good health, it is not enough to do sports and eat well. It is important to be able to manage stress, because it is the main cause of premature aging and the appearance of deep wrinkles. Not all people have the opportunity to devote time to leisure activities or sport. This does not mean that a man must accept his appearance, and let things take their course. Literate care of the skin using cosmetic products — this is the output.

As a physician, I can confirm the beneficial effects of the extract of goji berries on the face and neck. Contains a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements necessary, which do not come into the body with food. In support of the Goji Cream of hendel's garden I want to emphasize the presence of betaine hydrochloride sincerely and hyaluronic acid has long been scientifically proven that these substances contribute to the production of collagen and elastin. These proteins are responsible for firmness, elasticity, and youthfulness of the skin.

Use Goji Cream it should be strictly according to the instructions. And if you have ever had any kind of major skin problems (fungus, psoriasis, frequent hives), before using the tool, it is necessary to consult a doctor. In the composition of the cream there is no danger of conservatives — it is suitable for allergy sufferers. This tool is an excellent replacement for expensive injections and surgery. Goji Cream not only you will slow down the process of aging and improve the appearance of the skin, it will help you to cope with the effects of bad environment.